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                International investor Jim Rogers: United States assets into asset

                International investor Jim Rogers: United States assets into asset

                sounds like international investor Jim Rogers is also very fond of the Chinese investment opportunities.  In 12th held of 2015 China capital growth Forum Shang, Rogers said, he now are put United States assets transfer into China assets, now he maximum of investment on in China, in United States is basically is sold empty of status, specific to in China bullish of industry, he mentioned railway, and environmental, and financial currency, and medicine, and agricultural, and tourism,, if Yuan achieved can free exchange, he also may spent more of money buy Yuan.

                Rogers in the above Forum, made a presentation entitled the 2016 global financial markets and investment opportunities Outlook keynote, and answer some questions.  In response to questions, said that Rogers said he was now a lot of people in the United States investment, but the United States is in decline, and will decline further in the future, increasing the dollars to invest in the long term is not a very wise move, but China is still quite strong, so he will increase investments in China, is now the United States assets of assets transferred into China.  

                Rogers in world around tour speech will to some recommends, he said can to of best of recommends is let they of offspring learn Mandarin, because Mandarin is 21st century most important of language, 19th century is United Kingdom of century, 20th century is United States of century, 21st century must will is China of century, regardless of received not accept, China rise has is a facts, China is now world Shang only a really of achieved revival of national.  

                specific areas of promising investments in China, Rogers cites several directions.

                "If you have children, you can go to buy stock I invested in China, this stock is also on the health of infants and young children.  "Rogers says.

                Rogers, invest in the railway.  One reason is that "along the way" strategy, United States railway now coverage is slightly higher than that of China, but Rogers thinks that the status quo is changing, Tai Hing railway, China will in the future, and China is the world's leading rail technology.  

                Rogers, optimistic about the medicine, because the Chinese Government has spent a lot of money in the development of the pharmaceutical industry, and investment of financial, monetary and Rogers would go. "Before the second world war, is the most important financial centre in Shanghai, which connects New York and London as a financial centre. Now not just Shanghai, because we have the Internet, some great changes in China have told us that the financial industry is about to rise.  "Rogers said his country's financial sector are very pessimistic, but this is not the case, because over the last seventy or eighty years without the financial sector, financial sector now fully open, China's 1.3 billion people will make a great contribution for the financial industry.

                pollution has a number of opportunities. Rogers believes there will be some significant investment to change China's water, soil, air, food, environmental protection industry in China will have a bright future.


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