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                Currency spot rates have "eight falls"

                Currency spot rates have

                global markets attention on the meeting of the Federal Reserve is under way, as the Fed raised interest rates, the Central Bank also calls for decoupling the dollar, currency short-term pressure or certain.  

                across the ocean, global market attention Fed rate meeting is in progress (December 15-16th), side, again recorded RMB central rate and the spot rate fell.

                on December 15, more representative of "the Central Bank will" the Yuan/dollar rate fell by 64 basis points, to 6.4559.  It is the since December 7, the seventh trading day in a row down the central parity, depreciation has totaled 1.1% (708 points).  

                but reflecting a market exchange rate, on the devaluation continues much longer.  

                starting from December 4, Yuan against the US dollar spot rate has dropped from 6.4020 to 6.4610, 8 trading days fall 0.92%.  

                as a collector of international financial markets through 2015, and this year's final FOMC (Federal open market Committee) meeting in the United States held 15-16 day, local time, and final results on the card will be on the 17th, at 3 o'clock in the morning, Beijing time, formally unveiled.  

                similarly to other emerging economies, the trend of RMB exchange rate, almost always want to see the dollar "face".  

                in fact, since the Fed's November 2014 ended a third round of quantitative easing (QE3) the Fed raising interest rates is like a knife "sword of Damocles" hanging above the global financial markets, the renminbi is no exception, about Federal Reserve rate hike signals is one of the keys of RMB exchange rate.

                how important is the Fed raising interest rates on Yuan?  Recent financial data or evidence:

                on December 15, the November full aperture of the Central Bank's latest financial institutions foreign exchange declined 221.268 billion yuan, the fifth decline in the past six months.  

                the day before, the Central Bank bore foreign exchange in November fell 315.8 billion yuan, set the aperture the second-largest single-month fall in history.  

                earlier, China's foreign exchange reserves in November, its second-largest single-month fall since data.  

                back to this discussion on the meeting results in the November United States non-farm employment report, with Fed officials who will have to vote to support raising interest rates "spoiler", ten years after the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates for the first time has almost certainly.  

                Moreover, some organizations have turned their attention to the first time after the move, on the Central Bank's future interest rate path.

                more markets have tended to believe that raising interest rates compared to previous cycles, the current United States economy significantly weaker than in the past, when Fed rate hike in December, will remain fully to give the market Dove information and that the pace of future rate hikes would tightening cycle more slowly than in the past.


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