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                China this month to reduce billions of United States bonds and even Japan are reluctant buyers!

                China this month to reduce billions of United States bonds and even Japan are reluctant buyers!

                according to Bloomberg, as China continues to use reserves to support its currency, China's holdings of United States Government debt holdings dropped to the lowest level since February.  

                United States Treasury data released Tuesday show in September, held by the United States Treasury to $ 1.258 trillion, down 12.5 billion dollars from the previous month, remains the United States the largest foreign holder of.  

                after China, Japan has also reduced its holdings of United States Treasury Portfolio positions decrease of $ 19.9 billion for the month to $ 1.18 trillion, lowest since October 2013.  

                this report showed that United States five major foreign holders of bonds C China, Japan, the Caribbean banking centers (Caribbean banking centers), oil-exporting countries and Brazil are reducing positions.  

                noteworthy is that according to the United States Treasury Department report released in September this year, China in July in holdings of us debt, but Japan has been slightly overweight.  

                figures show that Switzerland and Belgium and other countries improve the position, making September the foreign investor's holdings by $ 3 billion to us $ 6.102 trillion.

                United States Treasury Department's report also includes data on international capital flows, in September, foreign net purchases of long-term securities to $ 33.6 billion.  However, the report said United States cross-border investments overall outflow of $ 175.1 billion.

                United States September net inflows of $ 33.6 billion in long-term investment portfolio.


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