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                Turkey and the Russia stock market surge in oil prices, the price of gold

                Turkey and the Russia stock market surge in oil prices, the price of gold

                Turkey near Syria border region shot down a Russia fighter, geo-political crisis heats up, safe-haven demand strong in the market.

                Russia President Vladimir Putin accuses Turkey shoot down Russian planes, said members were "accomplices of terrorism behind the black hands"; Turkey says Russia planes violated Turkey's airspace, NATO supported Turkey suggested that the United States Pentagon said to shoot down Russian military is Turkey and Russia.  The incident reminded investors that risk from geopolitical tensions has not receded.  

                Turkey shot down a Russia after warplanes, situation in the Middle East tension, so as to boost oil prices, and the strength of commodities.  

                under the influence of risk aversion and higher commodity prices.

                Europe and emerging market stocks, bonds rise. With the involvement of Syria outside direct conflict for the first time of the civil war, to assess their impact on the market, decline in demand for risky assets. United Kingdom the FTSE 100 index fell 0.45% to close at 6, 277.23 points. Germany DAX index was down 1.43% at 10,933.99 points.  France CAC index was down 1.41% at 4,820.28.

                Turkey shares its biggest decline in three months, Turkey lira the largest decline since November 6.  Turkey BIST index closed at 4.39%, and Russia as the aircraft was shot down and the stock exchange a quick dive.

                United States stocks closed up slightly on Tuesday.  As investors for the Turkey shoot down Russia planes fears the consequences of weakened United States stock markets erase early decline energy stocks surged, rising for two consecutive days for the first time in three weeks.  

                the Dow Jones industrial average closed up 19.51 points, or 0.11%, from 17,812.19; standard and poor's 500 index rose 2.55 points, or 0.12%, to 2,089.14; Nasdaq Index edged up 0.33 point, or 0.01%, to close at 5,102.80.

                gold prices rose on Tuesday, although basic disregard for gold investors over the past two years, but after the terrorist attacks in Paris this month, gold's safe-haven properties was to attract demand.


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