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                First Asian Investment Bank funds will be directed at: initial lock five main areas

                First Asian Investment Bank funds will be directed at: initial lock five main areas

                a few days ago, Asian infrastructure investment bank organizing Committee Deputy Director Chen Huan said, Asian Investment Bank by the end of this month is expected to be opened in accordance with the regulations established by the conditions are met, the opening ceremony is expected to be held by mid-January 2016, will set up the Asian investment banking Council and Board of Directors, and held its first Board meeting.

                market participants pointed out that Asian Investment Bank opened asymptotic for the urgent need to improve the infrastructure of the country is undoubtedly good news.  The future, and the Investment Bank and other existing positive interaction of developmental financial institutions will be one to watch in international economic cooperation.

                early locks five

                from October 2013 President XI Jinping of China lead Asian investment banking initiatives put forward so far, from 57 countries on five continents have official intention to become a founding member.  Under relevant regulations established by the conditions of opening, Asian Investment Bank approved by the 10-member legislative body of the Constitution, and 10 Member States in Asia funded by the Investment Bank's equity amounts to the total capital of 50%, will be able to meet the opening requirements.

                it is understood that Asian Investment Bank in early opening will still be based on the traditional areas of infrastructure, promoting the interconnection of Member States, efforts to achieve economic growth and increased employment.  In particular, the Asian investment banking operation stage of the project will focus on based on energy, transport, urban development, rural development, 5 major areas such as logistics, will continue to extend the project to other productive areas.  

                for education, health and other related infrastructure-building in the field of social development, said Chen Huan, economic and social benefits in these areas are very impressive, Asian banks will step in in the future.  

                economic and Trade Department of Beijing Institute of technology, school of management professor tutor He Weida said in an interview with this newspaper, Asia-investment-opening at the beginning based on five main areas, fully embodies its founding goals on the one hand, on the other hand also agrees with Asia's huge infrastructure needs of the market, to promote the improvement of national infrastructure to further advance "along the way" construction.

                break-even profit balance

                , and how the investment will ensure the continuity of operations? The relevant person in charge, early in the Asian investment bank financing in the course of issuing bonds will be a main selection, Asian Investment Bank to set up the first year debt issuance planned for 100 million-500 million dollars. In particular, as Asian Investment Bank was initially established has not completed credit rating, a rating agency, the next step may be by way of private placement or public offering, giving priority to non-rated bonds issued.


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