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                RMB 5th consecutive slump such as free fall

                RMB 5th consecutive slump such as free fall

                offshore diving nearly 300 points, from 16 o'clock in the afternoon 2.5-hour period fell nearly 300 points, the lowest to 6.54456, brushing up against 6.55 points, enlarged from 0.5%.

                RMB onshore, offshore and intermediate prices have plunged five consecutive trading days, foreign media have also written concern people fell into freefall after the basket.  Societe Generale banks worry that the weaker Yuan could trigger a "currency war".

                devaluation increased pressure in recent days, leading to China's capital [0%] brain drain exacerbated concerns. Late yesterday, foreign media quoted sources as saying that China's Central Bank has suspended application of new RQDII window guidance (RMB qualified domestic institutional investor) business, net capital outflow in order to relieve pressure and prevent body products into risk.  However today in offshore FOB reset after the close losses, indicate authorities MOM's overnight emergency stop RQDII measures didn't stop falling effect.  

                GMT 15:35 points, on-shore Yuan against the dollar rapidly narrowing in decline, three banks, traders said, at least two Chinese 6.4390 selling USD/CNY, at one point the dollar hit to 6.4292.  

                days, China's State administration of foreign officials responded by saying the dollar devaluation pressure on the interest rates will, in the offshore renminbi five fell, Chinese moves against the Yuan again short ones, offshore temporarily stopped falling; the open market this week withdrawn from 50 billion yuan, creating the worst week in two months withdrawn, inter-bank bond market 7-day repo rate, 10 bonds go up.  

                Asian stocks fell a third day, the Nikkei 225 index led the decline; far more than expected employment figures, the Australian dollar jumped and New Zealand's Central Bank cut interest rates and hinted that the future can wait, New Zealand rose; the Bloomberg dollar spot rate index edged up, euro fall; commodities, crude copper and gold go up.

                in offshore trading all the way down, once in the afternoon break 6.44 points, in the offshore renminbi-dollar (CNY) closed down 0.15% at 6.4378. Today improved turnover of RMB 8%, to 22.778 billion dollars.


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