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                2015 10 major milestone events in the financial markets: China "stock market crash" in the fifth

                2015 10 major milestone events in the financial markets: China

                from January's record against the Swiss franc soared to almost a done deal by the end of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in 2015, degree of turbulence in the financial markets, far more than most people expected a year ago.

                European bond yields far below zero in August, Dow Jones industrial average has plunged 1000 points in a single day, China stock market dragged down the overall emerging markets.  This year there were 43 loosened monetary policy monetary policy authorities.

                Although these trends and policy direction was not surprising, but its size, speed and put many people off guard.  This may be associated with market complacency, but lack of liquidity is an important factor.  

                following finishing 2015 for Reuters financial markets 10 milestones.  

                1. the Swiss franc

                on January 15, Switzerland's Central Bank unexpectedly canceled three years per euro 1.2 billion franc limit, then rise sharply against the Swiss franc, the Supreme 40% to 1 euro record 0.8500 Swiss francs.

                2. German shocks

                Germany bond yields between 5 June and near collapse, a sharp reversal for about a year before the rally.  Prior to April 17, bunds rally, yields on 10-year German bunds hit a record low of 0.05%, their yields failed to break the zero, in less than two months to go back to the 1%.

                3. debt yields

                have said the eurozone "Japan" because its inflation rate is falling, the European Central Bank to buy bonds, causing bond yields to decline. Some of these figures are staggering. Currently has about 2 trillion euros of eurozone sovereign debt yields a negative value, the equivalent of one-third of all outstanding sovereign debt in the eurozone. Germany two-year bond yields-0.45%, seven-year and bond yields are negative.  Switzerland 10-year bond yield was-0.41%.

                4. monetary policy accommodative

                2015 unless the Fed is ready to raise interest rates, but most of the Central Bank to ease monetary policy. 43 monetary authorities to relax the policy, which China and Russia's Central Bank was easing in a row. The European Central Bank about 1 trillion bond-buying plan announced in January, in December decided to extend the bond project. Countries compete to loosen monetary policy, ignited speculation of a global currency war could erupt.

                5. the crisis, China

                's worries about China's economy during the summer see you at the top, dragging down China's stock market tumbled 45%, accelerated outflows of funds, and foreign exchange reserves fell by a record. Although market participants think that the Chinese authorities had taken a series of measures, but increasingly powerless to stop market decline, which induce further selling pressure. China's Central Bank announced on August 11 that the Renminbi exchange rate against the dollar offer, the one-time devaluation of the central parity of RMB 2%.


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