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                People's Bank of China: currency market has resumed running smoothly

                People's Bank of China: currency market has resumed running smoothly

                people's Bank of China (PBoC), said yesterday that the smooth operation of China's currency market has been restored, central banks will continue to take multiple measures to adjust liquidity in the banking system, guide the supply of money and credit and financing from steady moderate growth.กกกก

                since June this year, interbank market called "money shortage", shortage of liquidity in the market, the Bank's overnight lending rates soared to nearly 30%.

                yesterday, in the new social reported, Bank one related head accept China official media interview Shi said, June, China currency market interest rate appeared of short-term fluctuations has variety reasons, both United States exit quantitative loose (QE) expected, brings of exchange changes of effect, also has Festival cash put, and fill paid reserves, and tax paid, points sex factors of effect, both financial institutions in liquidity risk control and assets liabilities management aspects of insufficient, also has external "sing empty" China noise caused by emotional factors such as expectations change, and regulatory policy has focused on introduction of overlay effect.


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