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                Canada think tank: Yuan in the SDR basket of currencies is a matter of time

                Canada Centre for international governance innovation global economic researcher said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua duominike,longbadi 23rd, the growing importance of the internationalization of RMB, Yuan in the International Monetary Fund's special drawing rights (SDR) basket of currencies is a matter of time.

                Xinhuanet, Lombardi on their editor's new book, into the Dragon: China launched the international financial system, said RMB internationalization has become an increasingly important topic August RMB beyond the Japanese yen for the first time to become the world's fourth-largest currency of payment.  Yuan joined the SDR currency basket, Federico Lombardi expressed optimistic expectations, "as of now, the basket does not include any kind of emerging economy currencies, but becoming a Member just a matter of time."

                Lombardi said that now more than ever needs a stable growth of the world economy. He believed that the stability of China's economic growth is foreseeable in the future, China is also trying to make its own contribution to the world economy.  He pointed out that China made great contributions to world economic development remains the engine for world economic growth, which is "critical", if there is no positive effect of China's economy, the world economy will no doubt get worse.  

                Lombardi think, China is is committed to improved current of international economic system, makes its policy more objective to reflect world of real need, but China both not break current system, also not disrupt world economic order, "we currently by see of China in improved international financial system aspects of efforts, is with in international financial system in the constructive of role completely anastomosis of," he said.

                Canada Centre for international governance innovation was founded in 2001, is Canada famous think tank, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. The think tank aims to promote global economic, institutional, and academic exchanges in the field of foreign and security, addressing governance issues facing the world today.


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