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                Central Commission for discipline inspection visits to three financial Tiger curtain

                this year's stock market was calm.  Between the changes in the stock market and after market shocked events occur all the time.

                CITIC Securities executives were taken away, Assistant to the Chairman of the SFC, being taken away, several brokerages were penalties, dozens of people have been restricted from leaving the country. Even if it was just this past weekend, as President of Guoxin securities's death, General Manager of CITIC's stone was taken away messages, add winter flavor.  On this chilly when the Commission's inspection teams finally came to "line three".  

                "troubled times"

                , 23rd, a Standing Committee of the CPC Central Commission for discipline inspection, the Central leading group for inspections team leader Wang Qishan attended central inspection work to mobilize deployment meeting and made a speech, the meeting called "to high standards and strict requirements, strict implementation of reporting and avoidance system, running air leak, fishing is strictly prohibited".  

                Meanwhile, announced 2015 central third round of inspections, including people's Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission and China insurance regulatory Commission and China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and 31 units conduct special inspections of the party organization.  

                in addition to the above financial units, third round of inspections also include foreign exchange, CIC, the State Development Bank, the China CITIC group, the agricultural development Bank of China Everbright group, and ties 5 banks, industry and agriculture, as well as life, PICC group, Pacific insurance group, China export credit insurance company, 4 companies.

                the same day, the stock market has also seen many looks independent, but unrelated to the words of "strange things". The morning of 23rd, market sources said Chen Hongqiao hanged himself at home, President of Guoxin securities, guosen securities publicly confirmed this afternoon, said families informed, company President Chen Hongqiao October 23 died.  Whether associated with illegal cases, or personal health reasons, stakeholders did not disclose further details.

                later, General Manager of CITIC's stone investment Qi Shuguang (female) was taken away by public security organs.


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