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                Central Bank to continue its 10 billion reverse repurchase "double down" after the money to maintain loose

                according to traders, 29th, the Central Bank continued its 10,000,000,007-day reverse repurchase, flat with the previous winning bidder interest rate stability in 2.25%.  At this point, this week drained a net 25 billion on the open market.  

                "double down" after Central banks in the open market low symbolic reverse repurchase, continued input of funds to the market, making money in the interbank market to keep loose.  

                as of press time, the pledge on the repo market fund price drop steadily, including weighted average overnight repo rate 1.74%, than the day before yesterday, down 2 basis points, and 7-day pledge repurchase rate at 2.25%, basically flat with the day before.

                with the Central Bank's drop, market participants the short-term funding side is more optimistic. Insiders pointed out that corporate tax impact was given in the month, after adjustment the examination of financial regulation, reducing liquidity fluctuations of the month, in the short term, there is no obvious disadvantages, is expected to maintain an adequate level of liquidity without having to worry about money-market rates are expected to further downside, 7-day repo rates are expected to reopen to 2% points down.


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