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                Shanghai Ministry of public security command police uncovered a large futures manipulation involved billion

                according to the Ministry of public security introduced, public security agencies to combat crimes and new breakthroughs in the field of securities and Futures: after three months of meticulous investigation, the Ministry of public security command in Shanghai public security organ successfully detected a trading company as a cover, committed outside the remote control command, transaction, means concealed, large illegal profits allegedly manipulating futures market crimes.  

                Yi Shidun international trade Gao yan, General Manager, business development manager Liang Zezhong and huaxin futures Technical Director Jin Wenxian, was approved by law suspects arrest, in connection with the funds had been frozen by the public security organs according to law.

                Xinhua reported that 6 July this year, abnormal huge fluctuations in the stock futures market in China, the vast number of investors suffered huge losses. For transfer of relevant departments, and the public security authorities for investigative crime clues available, quickly launched a series of work of the Ministry of public security, in conjunction with relevant departments. On July 10, the Deputy Minister of public security Meng told the rate of multi-sectoral joint working groups arrived in Shanghai, involving crime leads to carry out investigations in the field of securities and futures.  After careful investigation, group master Yi Shidun of the foreign investment company allegedly manipulating futures market, and crime clues, was forwarded to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out investigation.

                Shanghai Public Security Bureau transferred specializing in the fight against crime in the field of securities and Futures composed of elite police team, working day and night, investigation always hold the case, from a number of large and highly professional market data step by step in leaving no stone unturned, tracked track, eventually locking the subject of crime and to identify its modus operandi, procedures. Meanwhile, the Panel found that Yi Shidun, General Manager of international trade Gao yan as an important suspect, has fled overseas.  Police immediately sent a special working group to carry out offshore pursuit, after painstaking work, she successfully brought to justice.

                project identification, GeorgyZarya Yi Shidun company of foreigners (transliterated ZAIA), AntonMurashov (transliteration of Anton) after a company incorporated in Hong Kong in September 2012, with two Hong Kong companies in Jiangsu Province Zhangjiagang free trade zone investment trading company incorporated in United States dollars. ZAIA as the legal representative of Yi Shidun, and Anton is responsible for the technical management.  Two people in the company prior to the establishment of working for the European Investment Bank and the futures company, engaged in securities and futures trading.

                according to the suspects, she (female, 34 years old, Nantong, Jiangsu) account: access to ZAIA, Anton, for avoiding the relevant provisions of the China financial futures exchange limited, which had borrowed from friends and relatives of individuals or specific legal futures accounts 31, traded for Yi Shidun group of company accounts. Yi Shidun to trading companies in the name of concealing the actual control of the Futures account number for $ 500,000 registered capital as well as other lending 3.6 million Yuan as initial funding, involved in trading stock index futures in China.


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