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                China's holdings of us debt purchases for the first time after India bonds worth $ 500 million

                India the 4th economic times reported, citing the country's regulatory Department sources as saying, after the Government relaxed restrictions on foreign investors, China's Central Bank purchased for the first time India bonds.

                reported that the people's Bank of China to foreign portfolio investors in India registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, may now have to buy bonds valued at $ 500 million, it was bought India bonds up to foreign institutions.ˇˇˇˇIt is reported that Malaysia's Central Bank and Norway's Central Bank recently bought India bonds.

                India's Central Bank announced on September 29, until March 2018 phased increase in foreign holdings of Government bills limit to 5% of the Government's outstanding debt. Regulatory sources said China is probably testing India is committed to gradually allow foreign investment India bonds, a move that would also increase revenue.

                the economic times said, the Chinese Central Bank had just sold some United States Government bonds, a move that was considered is trying to reduce reliance on the dollar, strengthened to diversify their assets.ˇˇˇˇPeople's Bank of China's foreign exchange reserves have dropped from $ 4 trillion in June 2014 is currently $ 3.51 trillion.

                United States Bloomberg said 4th from India point of view, these reports show that inflation is under control, improvement in public finance investors on India's confidence in our economy growing. India Livemint website quoted expert, said China's move showed that the RS acceptability in the international financial markets to improve, compared with other monetary stability.


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