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                Why China can become "new" investment era winners

                Alliance asset management global asset management company said that 2015 's end also marks the end of an era of investment and accompanying transition to a sustainable growth in China, will be the biggest beneficiaries.

                Australia the Sydney Morning Herald, November 3, the bad news is that, including stocks, risk asset conditions to deteriorate.  This is because the value has returned to normal levels, that is to say, with macroeconomic factors and the fundamentals again dominated investment, risk asset prices will go down.

                haideng,bulisike, a fixed-income strategist, said: "Although it was only a few clues, but these signs 2015 the fourth quarter global investment and policy conditions may prompt 3 years ago determined the market reversed three events occur.  "

                reports that he is Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was elected to launch" Abe economics ", as well as the United States increased monetary stimulus.

                Brent Briscoe said, "at that time, central banks hope that, by pushing asset prices to reignite their economies ' life energy '. An important consequence of these practices is, with valuations higher liquidity, driven by economic fundamentals could support a reasonable level, financial markets C particularly risky assets--from the macroeconomic environment.  "

                couplet blog this view of creating asset management companies have important influence is the third event: XI Jinping, took over the leadership in China, and bold policy to combat corruption.

                reports that anti-corruption commodities boom burst in the end, and the United States and Japan's growth ambitions constitute "restraint". "By October 2015, these three policy plans seem to be all around. "

                now, the United States ever consider raising interest rates over the past decade, Alliance asset management company predicts that if Japan actually had the most serious period of deflation, 2016 may begin to tighten monetary policy-there is no denying that this is an extreme view.


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