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                This year third falling mortgage rates have fallen to 10-year low

                on October 24, frost. On this day, China's Central Bank again offering "double flat", after the data was released, world stocks extended gains and short-term spot gold soared.  Industry experts say, the Central Bank reduced interest rates rebound in intermediate signal verification.

                the Central Bank's decision, since the 24th financial institutions cut its benchmark one-year lending rate from 0.25% to 4.35%; cut its benchmark one-year deposit rate 0.25% to 1.5%; other various grades of loan and deposit interest rates of loans from financial institutions, the people's bank interest rate adjusted accordingly; personal housing accumulation Fund loan rate remained unchanged. The same day, lowered reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions 0.5% to keep reasonably adequate liquidity in the banking system, leading steady moderate growth of money and credit.  Also, to increase financial support for "sannong" and small and micro enterprises positive encouragement, to meet the reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions an additional lowering of the standard of 0.5%.  

                Meanwhile, the Central Bank said commercial banks and rural cooperative financial institutions no longer deposit interest rate floating caps, market-oriented and we will promptly improve the interest rate formation and regulation mechanism.

                five impact

                stock markets

                or to rebound to around 3,800

                revenge of the Chinese stock market is staged a counterattack. Index from June to September this year collapsed after 34%, has soared this month 12%.  This also led to a global stock market rebound in optimism, Japan, and Germany and the United States stock market order this month surged more than 4%, 5% and 6%.  

                have a sign which may be good news: China on Monday reported a third-quarter GDP growth below the 7%, but the Shanghai composite index was almost unaffected.  

                Chief Global Strategist of Morgan Fund DavidKelly report released Monday noted that weakened the strength of economic growth in China, the key question is: When can determine the situation is no longer deteriorating.

                one of the degradation, is the Government signaled it would offering more incentives.  At this time, the Central Bank "double flat" seems to be sensing the market's expectations.

                "double-drop point-expected liquidity and naturally release time has exceeded expectations, if the rebound in the end of September, due to liquidity problems without a solid foundation, is now fully available.  "China Merchants securities (600999, stocks) Yangzhou, head of the Sales Department, Liu said.

                helm Dai Jianguo, first Sun Rui private equity fund, I believe, the Central Bank again shot, is a major plus. Central banks cut interest rates drop, and aims to maintain a relaxed environment in the money markets, which will help reduce enterprises ' financing costs, conducive to the stability in the housing market, have a stabilizing effect on economic growth, and has an important role to rally, the stock market will have a reaction.


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