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                7 month transferred proceeds of more than 800 billion underground dirty money washed white tools

                along with the increased risk of cross-border capital flows, underground crime has intensified. According to the latest data released by the people's Bank of China, only since April this year, the nation had cracked underground banks transfer money 92 cases, involving more than 800 billion yuan. "From the perspective of cases solved by, underground banks involving more and more trading means more covert and increasingly corrupt funds ' money-laundering tool ', even some Bank staff worked as a ' medium '.  "The State administration of Foreign Exchange Management check Division Chief Xiong told Xinhua recently introduced exclusive new trends of current underground.

                a lot of money in underground "white washing" means hiding the areas involved were spread

                according to the Deputy Minister of public security Meng told introduction, underground will not only involve economic crimes such as finance, securities, also increasingly become channels of various criminal activities the money, corruption and the violent terrorist activities of the "money-laundering" and "accomplice".  Despite the strike achieved initial results, but the underground crime situation remains severe and complicated, involved areas are spread.  

                according to reports, has just detected "manipulating the futures market in Shanghai, she" suspects through "underground banks" transfer of nearly 200 million yuan in illegal profits and exit; previously watched embezzling 800 million yuan of "Bank of China Mountain" "zhoukou grain storage case" and also use underground transfer stolen money.

                in recent years, the throughput of underground money gradually enlarged, operation of business becomes more and more diverse, from foreign exchange trading, the Exchange has expanded in the past to withdraw, credit, financial settlements and many other businesses, has become almost "underground banks".  And by, but regulators on capital account investigation becomes extremely difficult.

                Xiong describes, underground banks, often through "parallel to the domestic currency and foreign currency delivery" tap tap tap, illegal transfer of funds. Such transactions hidden, regulatory eye is difficult to hit.  In the case of tap tap tap is difficult to meet the demand, underground or through a large number of registered shell company, forged documents, fictitious transactions, transfer of funds from banking channels.

                "tens of hundreds of underground control account, involving a regional range, through the inter-regional transfer, online bank transfer, multiple cross-transfer, quickly hidden transfers of funds. Therefore, track each fund the initial source and final use than

                more difficult.  "Xiong said.

                what is the knocking? Economic Investigation Bureau of public security Shu Jianping, Deputy Director of the anti-money-laundering Department explained, refers to the territory of "customers" give the money to the underground, through micro-credit, such as QQ, a partner in the territory informed the foreign partners, in accordance with Exchange rate will be a corresponding amount of dollars, Hong Kong dollars into the "customer" designated foreign bank account. On the surface, the Yuan to remain in the territory of the territory, foreign currency did not come in, but in fact has been done.


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